Content Management System

Content Management System

Content Management System

Excellent solution for implementing of highly loaded systems, informational websites, complex social network sites, project management systems, reporting, customized ecommerce sites.

A custom CMS allows you to enjoy the benefits of a site that are matched for YOUR business, YOUR workflow and YOUR needs — not the needs that others think are important.

We customise web-hosted solutions that offers much higher performance, integration and extensibility than a pre-packaged CMS could provide out-of-the-box.

We deliver solutions that are unique to your business and give you the throughput and customization you need to give your users content-rich and relevant results with a superior user experience.

None of this would be possible in WordPress or any other prepacked option without significant development resources.

Our base engine that we use to build all our sites on has been tested, optimised and battle-tested in high-traffic sites.

We will be creating a solution that allows you to differentiate your organisation from every other site out there.

Custom CMS Advantages:

Maximum Customization – Although you can customise open-source CMS, limits do apply to what can do. Custom CMS, though, provide the greatest degree of customization, and they can be designed to feature unique capabilities and architecture that benefit your business.

Designed to Match Your Workflow – With a custom CMS like Visual-CMS, the business dictates the functionality and capability of the CMS. That means your organisation’s user requirements, taxonomy, and labelling can all be customised to match your business. With open-source or commercial CMS, developers are limited by the rules of the CMS.

Simplified Code – Custom CMS can be altered to eliminate features that aren’t necessary for your job. Thus, less code is used, and that means that the site load time gets a boost.

Better Security – Open-source CMS are more prone to attack for a few reasons. Foremost, they’re massively popular; therefore, hackers who understand how to attack WordPress sites have one thousand thousands of alternatives. Plus, all the code is available online for open-source CMS and tools. That means hackers have access to it, and they can test it for vulnerabilities.

Visual-CMS is developed in-house, and the code isn’t mass-circulated. That contributes to better protection.

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