Tired of having to access different systems using different softwares? Found a potent functionality suitable to your website but don’t know how to connect it to your system? Worry no more! Visual Link IT, as the name literally implies, links and connects component subsystems into a unified and well-functioning computerized accounting system. It also connects source data from other websites to your page at your command.

Visual Link IT, leading advertising company in Sydney, not only provides you the best online advertising and digital advertising in Australia but also excellent accounting information system through System Integration.  System integration is the process of bringing together independent systems to co-exist under an integrated structure and ensuring that each of these independent components functions together under one software. Integration is important and necessary in order to achieve an efficient and manageable system for your business. Today, businesses in virtually every industry are using complex corporate software to fuel their growth but many are still struggling to keep up with their progress and manage costs effectively because of a medley of disconnected functional systems causing process bottlenecks and employee productivity issues. Nevertheless, System Integration is transforming how companies run, and enabling them to transcend growing pains that previously were holding them back from taking their business to the next level of profitable growth. Some of the advantages of system integration are:

  • Notable Process Efficiency – Automation and Integration of business processes offers such a huge relief and turnover to your company. Transactions made on your site can be easily processed and confirmed by your employees and such transactions reflect immediately on records that are easily accessible to business partners
  • Time and Cost Savings – corollary to process efficiency is the saving of significant time and costs for your company. System Integration reduces the manual work of getting and transferring data from one component to another. Moreover, it enables you to assimilate useful web services such as PayPal to foster easier transactions for your clients.  
  • Accelerate Company Growth and Employee Productivity – a unified online accounting information system promotes flexibility in the company which in turn results in growth and productivity. It facilitates efficient and productive work of the employees through the easier use of the integrated system.
  • Improved Visibility and Information Precision – since less manual work and more automation, possibility of human error is reduced as employees worked in a digitised system. Moreover, records remain to be up-to-date as every component of the system relays its share of information in the integrated system.
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