General Invoice Terms & Conditions

General Invoice Terms & Conditions

Visual Link IT PL does not store, licence or supply code, files, literary or artistic works, films or other material unless it is requested by the client POA. Invoices only reflect time to adjust files for particular use & not the file in itself.

All programming, movies, electronic and physical artworks and scripts, all names, domains, passwords, dns, certificates, animations, writing, licenses, data entry & all ideas, concepts, visuals, marketing strategies, keywords, phrases & other work done physical or intellectual remains the copyright & ownership of Visual Link IT P/L

Reception of goods, making payments or verbally confirming the order confirm that the client agrees with

All signage, printing & promotional material delivered or installed for our customers is on the basis that the customers will assume all liabilities generated or implied.

All Work stopped by the customer will require full pay of all the hours used from start of the project, till the stop requested at the rate of $140+GST per hour. This invoice may not cover all work required to be done in the project.

The Customer accepts that Visual Link IT PL will do additional work/service to achieve Customer's goals & requirements. These work not covered by this invoice will not need additional Purchase Orders. They will be invoiced & paid in full as an additional.

The Customer will take the necessary steps to avoid damage to or by third parties, items delivered/installed, structures etc. and take insurance for the replacement or repairing them.All damage related to weather is also not covered by Visual Link IT PL.

All web material, domains, registrations and related material is for the sole use in conjunction with servers & applications managed by Visual Link IT Pty Ltd and they are not transferable. Customer must keep safe back up of all data entered into the web.

All goods are travelling at customer risk. The date of the order or started service is deemed to be the date of the invoice. Unless goods have been invoiced at a later time. Domain, SaaS & host cancellations have to be notified & paid 6 months in advance.

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